Could NBA move start of next season to just before Christmas?

There’s no answer yet to whether or not the 2019-20 NBA season will resume amid the coronavirus pandemic, but discussions have already begun on what to do about the start of next season.

While there’s speculation that the current season could be resumed at Walt Disney World, next season could begin in regular stadiums in December.

If the NBA decides to play games on Christmas, that wouldn’t be something entirely new… they already do that. But imagine if basketball returned on or around Christmas next season after all the trouble this pandemic has caused? It would truly be a Christmas miracle.

Now, it’s probably unlikely that every team plays on Christmas, but they could have the league’s biggest teams compete, and it would likely draw the most interest in the sport we’ve ever seen.

It’s pretty unfortunate that this pandemic will mess up the start of next season, but hopefully we can return to some normalcy some time soon.

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