NFL lays out playbook on reopening facilities ๐Ÿˆ

In football, it’s crucial to have an understanding of one’s playbook. Players need to study up on their team’s plays to have success on gameday, but
We now have an idea ofย what those requirements look like, as well as how the league will continue to deal with COVID-19 after facilities reopen their doors. Here’s the rundown:
  • Each team’s local and state government officials will need to consent to facilities reopening
  • Each team will need to establish an Infection Response Team that will be in charge of planning for any diagnosed cases of coronavirus
  • Every team will need an Infection Control Officer who will oversee the implementation of the league’s mandatory guidelines surrounding COVID-19 procedures
  • All team employees who return to work at the facility must receive COVID-19 safety and hygiene training prior to returning
  • Once facilities are opened, screening protocols will be implemented and employees will be encouraged to stay six feet away from one another. They will also be required to wear masks unless they are alone in an enclosed office.
  • Employees will have their temperature taken every day via a no-touch thermometer upon arrival to work
On top of those requirements, reopenings will come in phases. Teams will be permitted to allow up to 50% of their non-player staff (a maximum of 75 people) into the facilities initially, then players and the remaining staff members will be granted access later.
So, there’s a lot to take in there, but that’s the new playbook for the NFL teams reopening their doors and creeping out of total shutdown. It’s been nearly two full months since the NFL closed its doors due to the pandemic and there’s seemingly some light at the end of the tunnel right now, even though we still don’t know exactly when things will start to open back up. The league advised teams not to speculate or comment on what might be ahead since there’s a large unpredictability factor at play.
In any case, this news on top of tonight’s schedule release provides reasons to look ahead and be cautiously optimistic. The power of positivity!

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