Why an Anderson Silva vs. Conor McGregor fight actually makes sense 👊

If Conor McGregor loves anything in this world, it is swearing at press conferences and calling out others to fight. Many times, talk about a McGregor fight is just that, talk, but many end up coming to fruition.
Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and McGregor have tossed out the idea to fight each other, and now the idea is not as crazy as it first may seem. Talks of a fight between the two have gone on for some time, but on Wednesday, 45-year-old Silva brought it up again on social media and McGregor responded, “I accept.”
Our combat sports expert Brian Campbell broke down why this fight is a good idea.
  1. You have no idea who would win: Would Silva’s advantage in height, reach and weight overpower McGregor’s speed and youth? There’s only one way to find out
  2. It makes sense for promotional and financial reasons for all involved: UFC wants an eventual rematch between current UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and McGregor. For now, the next 155-pounder doesn’t make financial sense and a battle with Nate Diaz does not appear on the radar. A fight with Silva is low-risk and ,as a bonus, it would play into McGregor’s reputation of accepting any challenge at any time
  3. Silva isn’t as washed up as you think: Yes, he’s 45 and his record of 1-6 since 2013 is less than fantastic, but we have to look at who those defeats came against. Silva’s battle against Israel Adesanya one year ago shows he still has some fight (pun intended) left in him
  4. It’s the perfect crossover fight to attract casual fans: Let’s talk about the all-important elements here: money and ratings. The name recognition, their personalities and how beloved Silva is makes this fight sell itself
  5. These are the kinds of fights Silva should be taking: Marketable bouts are what he should be aiming for, now that he is out of the UFC middleweight title conversation

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