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Cam Newton is now a New England Patriot

By now you probably already know that I’m a Patriots fan (if not, sorry to ruin your week before it even really starts) and yesterday was an interesting day to be a Patriots fan. That’s because the ol’ evil empire in New England dropped a bomb on the NFL by signing Cam Newton out of no where on Sunday. That’s right… Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Cam Newton is a New England Patriot. And somehow neither of those things are even CLOSE to being near the top of the weirdest things about 2020.
The Pats signed Newton to a one-year deal that is stacked with performance-based incentives and can earn him a max of $7.5 million this season. Friends, that’s what we call low-risk value shopping. My guy Cam is 31 and has had his fair share of issues with injury (he underwent foot surgery late last year) so who knows if he’ll be able to rediscover the type of magic that won him NFL MVP in 2015, but it’s a worth taking a shot if you’re New England– especially at that price.
We still don’t really know what Jarrett Stidham is a capable of, but it’s probably fair to say that Cam makes the Patriots a significantly better team next year. He’s the best available upgrade the Pats could afford to make right now. This is undoubtedly less money than he was hoping to get on the open market but he’ll have a shot at a starting gig and, if he plays well in 2020, he’ll have an opportunity to cash in next year. He’s betting on himself.
As our Tyler Sullivan points out, there’s a pretty decent chance Newton could actually end up being a long-term replacement for Brady in New England. From Sully’s piece on why Newton is perfectly situated to take over in Foxboro:
“Does Newton actually have a chance at becoming the heir to Tom Brady? Yes. And not only that, but he’s currently in the perfect storm to ultimately stick around in New England for the foreseeable future.
“The injury and unprecedented offseason forced Newton to take a much smaller deal than he normally would. Had his market been any higher, the Patriots likely would’ve been out of the running for him as their backs are against the salary cap wall. If he can solidify himself as the starter, however, the Patriots are projected to have the sixth-most cap space in 2021, which is plenty enough to lock-in Newton, who’ll be just 31 years old by the start of the 2020 season.”
Who knows what’s in store (trying to predict anything these days seems like a lost cause) but I know this: The upcoming season just got a lot more interesting and exciting for me personally, even if acquiring Newton takes the Pats out of the running for a guy like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. I still think the Bills win the division and the Patriots end up on the playoff bubble somewhere around 9-7, but this is a big splash in what has been a largely disappointing offseason for New England, and now there’s a lot more intrigue surrounding the upcoming season.

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