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Remember when the possibility of a 2020 MLB season seemed extremely unlikely and we wanted to bash our heads into a wall with each passing labor war update? Well, we’re now just a couple days away from Opening Night. I can’t believe it, either.
Sure, it’s not going to be the usual baseball season we’re used to seeing; there’s only going to be a 60-game regular season, teams will be playing regional-based schedules and we’ll see expanded rosters, universal DH and an altered extra innings format.
But it’s baseball nonetheless, and it’s almost here.
If you ask me, I say anybody tells you they know what’s going to happen this season is lying to you. Given the extended offseason, the shortened season and various other weird factors at play heading into this campaign, it seems like we could be in for a very weird, unpredictable year.
But our baseball staff is bold and they’re prepared to try to predict the unpredictable. They’ve got picks for pretty much everything you could want as we enter a new season — from division winners, to World Series matchups to individual awards and more.
Here are some takeaways
  • Every single one of our baseball writers had the same AL East final standings: Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Orioles
  • Everyone but Matt Snyder picked the Yankees to win the AL Pennant. Snyder picked the Athletics
  • Snyder not only picked the A’s to win the AL but the World Series as well (he was the only writer not to pick the Yanks or Dodgers to win it all)
  • Luis Robert is the favorite to win AL Rookie of the Year
  • Gerrit Cole (AL) and Walker Buehler (NL) are the most popular Cy Young picks
  • Make your Prop bets right here!
Snyder rolling with Oakland all the way?! Now that’s the kind of chaos I like to see — and not just because I’m a Red Sox fan who hates the Yankees and is still bitter that the Dodgers got Mookie Betts. Nope, not at all. But if you’re interested in diving deeper into Snyder’s divine mind, he’s also got one final set of power rankings before the season kicks off Thursday night.
A random note: It’s obviously going to be kind of weird and a bit of a bummer that fans won’t be attendance this year but the fake crowd noise has seemingly worked pretty well for baseball, at least from what I’ve seen. The viewing experience should be pretty palatable, especially because the lack of natural crowd noise has helped emphasize the natural sounds of the game (crack of the bat, pop of the mitt). I’m willing to die on this hill but baseball has the best game sounds in sports.


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