NBA draft deadline

NBA Draft deadline came and went. Who declared?

You may not be thinking too heavily about the NBA Draft Deadline at this point considering we just got basketball back in our lives and there’s an overload of sports to keep us busy for the time being. However, not everyone is participating in the NBA restart down in Disney, which means there are several teams (and fanbases) that do have to start thinking about their future.
You know who else probably has the NBA Draft on the brain? The players who may or may not be involved. Last night brought the draft withdrawal deadline, meaning that any college player who was testing the NBA Draft waters had until midnight to decide whether they were going to return to school or remain in the pool of eligible draft prospects.

NBA Draft Deadline

There was a ton of activity in the final days, with more than half of the 156-player pool withdrawing and choosing to return to college. In total, 91 players removed their name from draft consideration, including:
  • Luka Garza, Iowa
  • Ayo Dosunmu, Illinois
  • Corey Kispert, Gonzaga
  • Jared Butler, Baylor
You can find a comprehensive withdrawal tracker right here, and we’ve also got a list of notable winners and losers from the deadline that you should check out as well.
Of course, this is a rather strange year for college underclassmen debating whether to go pro. March Madness was canceled in the spring so a lot of these kids probably feel like they have unfinished business (or at least had an unsatisfying conclusion) at their school’s program. Then again, the uncertainty and unsettling nature of the pandemic may have convinced some other students to pass on returning to college and try to jump to the NBA instead.

NBA draft deadline

In any case, with the pool of players now set, this isn’t a bad time to get into some NBA mock drafts to see who might end up where. Luckily, we’ve got one of those for you! Our Colin Ward-Henninger has a full first-round projection ready to go.
For what it’s worth, I was among the group that chose to withdraw from the NBA Draft this year since they declared NBA Draft deadline . And it’s not because I’m a 5-foot-6 guy nearing 30 years old with no athletic ability. It’s because I didn’t feel like filling out the paperwork.

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