Introduction to Online Gambling FAQ

Introduction to Online Gambling FAQ

online gambling FAQ

There are sportsbooks, poker rooms, virtual bingo halls, racebooks, lottery games, as well as a wide range of casino games. Casinos typically include a combination of slots, table games like blackjack and poker, roulette, video poker, and specialty or novelty games (keno, scratch cards, parlor games, etc.).


Is online gambling legal?

The answer to that question depends on where you live, as gambling laws vary per country, or even per state, as it does in the United States. There are places like the United Kingdom where online gambling is perfectly legal as long as it’s conducted through an operator that’s licensed with the UK Gambling Commission. In the US, it’s still a bit of a gray area. Technically, the laws that are in place regarding offshore providers pertain to the owners themselves with regard to transferring money. However, some locations like Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware provide some online operations with in-state licensing. Canada is also ruled by different jurisdictions and allows for registered in-province operations in some areas. For more specifics on various locations, we have a comprehensive breakdown for you on our Legalities of Online Betting and Gambling page.

What are the age requirements for online betting?

Most jurisdictions mandate that players be 18 years of age or older. In the US, the minimum age is 21. In many cases, websites will ask players for age verification.

How do I know if the gaming is fair?

Reputable casinos that go through the formal licensing process and certification are much more apt to provide fair and safe gaming. These sites undergo random number generation testing to make sure they meet the industry standards. They all should have a certificate of compliance posted somewhere on their website, but you could also ask their customer service department if you’re unable to locate one. Although there are a few sites out there that you should steer clear of, the well-established brands like will provide you with an experience similar to brick-and-mortars.

Do I need special equipment to play online?

If you have a good internet connection and can access other websites that provide graphics or video, you should be fully equipped to use an online casino or sportsbook. These days, you can also use your smartphone or tablet if you prefer. The majority of online gambling sites will provide at least half of their offerings in mobile format, and in some cases, you can also use their dedicated app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Are downloads required?

While some websites promote a better experience and more betting options through a download, it typically isn’t a strict requirement. Most operators provide a more-than-adequate instant play experience, so you should be able to just pull up the website in your browser (or mobile browser) and be off and running.

How do I know if a site is safe to use?

There are two things that you should always look for when considering using a gambling website, and they both revolve around transparency. You want to be able to quickly identify the owner of the site and the licensing and regulation in place. If you don’t see those things, we would advise making a different choice. We go through a comprehensive vetting process with the online operations that we recommend, so you can be sure that if a site is highly rated, it has been proven to be safe and secure for its players. If you’re ever uncertain, search to ensure that the site in question does not show up on “rogue casino” lists. Those are the operators that have demonstrated unethical business practices and should be avoided.

Do you have some tips for selecting the best website for me?

The process does start with reputable ownership and licensing, as it’s first and foremost for the safety of your finances. You’ll also need to narrow down your choices depending on where you live, how you plan to fund your betting account, and your gaming preferences. We would suggest that you start with a few of our recommendations and then filter them based on the things that are most important to you. Before you register any new account, we also recommend searching the site just to make sure there aren’t consistently reported problems, especially with payouts.

Can I register with more than one casino or sportsbook?

Yes, you can use as many different providers as you’d like, as long as they allow for players in your country and meet your needs for banking and gaming options.

Am I allowed to do different types of betting on one website?

In most cases, the answer is yes. If you enjoy sports betting as well as casino games, you only need one betting account, and your choices are wide open. You can use those funds for different wagers on the one site.

What do I do if I’ve never played before?

If you’re looking to try out some casino games, many websites will give you the option of using practice play or demo play so you can get comfortable with how to bet and how to play. Many games, like slots, bingo, keno, and other specialty games, are primarily self-explanatory, but you can also find some help guides within most gaming areas. For sports betting, you may want to start out with a simple bet, and if you run into any problem submitting your bet slip, customer service can assist. If you want to visit a poker room, though, we’d suggest that you have some knowledge of poker first. You can find some poker tutorials or social poker sites that don’t accept real money bets, as it would be difficult to just join a poker table with no knowledge of the hands or procedures. We also offer a handy beginner’s guide that can get you started on your quest for gambling expertise.

Why am I being asked for personal information?

Online gambling sites, except for some Bitcoin-only operations, require some personal information to comply with their licensing requirements. They need to not only ensure that you’re of legal age and in a jurisdiction that allows you to use their service, but your information needs to match the financial account information you’re providing. The site isn’t trying to make life difficult for you. It needs to conform to anti-money laundering practices and gaming legislation, and it is in your best interest.

Do you have to pay for access to a gambling site?

No. Although you do have to register for an account, it’s free to use. However, be sure to review everything about the service you’re interested in, as some websites charge for financial transactions and that may even include a fee assessed to your deposit.

Can you log into your player’s account any time?

Yes. Online gambling sites are open to players around the clock. We would advise finding a provider that offers 24/7 customer service as well. You may be able to play at any time, but some of the operations have limited hours for player assistance.

Is it easy to make a mistake when gambling online?

If you’re not paying attention, simple mistakes can happen. Anyone can click a wrong button or bet the incorrect amount. But you could do those things in person as well. Granted, you’re working with a smaller screen and using electronic chips instead of actual ones held in your hand, but it only takes a few hands or a few spins of the reels to get comfortable with the process, and then it’s all very natural.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

If you drop your connection while playing an online game, our software is designed to pick back up where you left off when you reconnect. If you were in the middle of a hand or spin, you should return to the exact spot you were at previously, and you will be paid out accordingly.

What is a loyalty club?

A loyalty club is a tool that online gambling sites use to incentivize players by providing rewards based on betting habits. The amount of each bet made converts to a point system, and players can level up in the club by accumulating more points. The more significant rewards are given based on the higher levels that are attained. Players could receive perks like gifts, bonuses, the opportunity to convert their points to cash, expedited withdrawals, and other rewards befitting of an online program. The clubs that cater to high rollers are called VIP clubs, and they can be quite impressive with the levels of incentives they issue. High rollers have been invited to exclusive trips or have even been gifted with cars, motorcycles, appliances, electronics, and jewelry.

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