Tom Izzo ‘furious’ with proposed transfer rule, according to Dick Vitale

Tom Izzo is said to be “furious” with the proposed new NCAA transfer rule.

The NCAA is considering a rule that would allow student-athletes a one-time transfer without penalty. Under current rules, student-athletes must sit out a season if they transfer, unless they are granted a waiver.

Longtime college basketball announcer and former coach Dick Vitale said on Twitter Saturday that he spoke with Izzo, who is “furious” about the transfer rule.

Just spoke with HoFer Tom Izzo and he is furious with the possibility that the @NCAA would pass a rule allowing players to transfer w/o sitting out 1 yr. Many coaches agree with Tom that it would be detrimental to the kids as well as the game . COACHES SHOULD UNITE!

This kind of rule would allow for ease in player movement and probably make it difficult for coaches to build teams. It’s already difficult for top programs to account for players going pro and new ones coming in, and this might make it tougher. Other drawbacks include virtues such as patience and fighting through adversity being discouraged, and fleeing situations encouraged. This could also make it much easier to form super teams/poach players.

But such a rule would allow players to find a better situation for themselves without the penalty of sitting out a year.

Coaches fear this becoming a free agency situation, which would make their jobs much harder, and might end up teaching bad principles to young players.

This article first appeared on Larry Brown Sports and was syndicated with permission.

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