Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Problem Gambling & Prevention Measures

Nowadays, many players encounter gambling problems, thus online casinos do their best to make players aware of the dangers resulting from uncontrolled gambling.

Problem gaming is defined as an urge to gamble despite numerous harmful and negative consequences with no desire to stop. The results of gambling addiction could affect not only the physical or mental health of the player, but also cause financial troubles, disruption of family or loss of faithful friends.

By thinking about the recognition and acceptation of problems connected to gambling, the player should firstly declare that he/she has such problems. Therefore, they can find below the most visible symptoms of problem gambling which are listed out in many online casinos.

Warning symptoms of problem gambling:
– The player spends long hours thinking about his/her gambling history or looking for more ways to spend money that he/she has not possessed yet;
– The player decides to get more entertainment from increasing the amounts of wagers;
– The player feels lost and depressed in days when he/she is not able to gamble;
– The player has had the feeling to stop gambling or leave it for a while but he/she could not have done it;
– The player decides to play in order to escape from problems connected to the loneliness and his/her unsatisfying relations with people;
– The players hides his/her gambling habits or losses and decides to lie about them to his/her family and friends;
– The player choses the way of borrowing or stealing money in order to have sufficient funds for gambling;
– The player gambles even at places where he/she should do something else, for example at work or university.

The ways of preventing problems with gambling
Nevertheless, it is important to prevent rather than cure and many online casinos introduce a list of ways how to avoid gambling problems. They are very significant and every player should know them. Some of the prevention measures are listed below:
– The player should establish a daily, weekly and monthly limit before he/she starts playing;
– The player should establish the specific number of hours which he/she would like to spend on gambling;
– The main aim of gambling for player should be connected with pleasure and not with paying for financial obligations;
– The player should avoid situations of borrowing money for gambling;
– The player should be aware of choosing the option to leave the casino when he/she is winning and not wait until he/she loses all his/her credits;
– The player should know that the games from gambling sites are only games of chance and do not guarantee winnings.

Also players who do not feel they are addicted to gambling should introduce a voluntary exclusion periods. However, with serious problem gambling cases, the players should follow the advice from special organizations like Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare.


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