Players say they are done negotiating, tell MLB to schedule the season

The Major League Baseball Players Association says it is done negotiating with MLB.

In the letter, MLBPA director Tony Clark told the owners to impose the season as they have said they would.

“If it is your intention to unilaterally impose a season, we again request that you inform us and our members of how many games you intend to play and when and where players should report. It is unfair to leave players and the fans hanging at this point,” Clark said in the letter, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

The players are also asking MLB to tell them of its plans for a season by the end of the business day on Monday, June 15.

MLB has the ability to impose a season. The thing is, the owners have said that they cannot afford to pay the players their full prorated salaries. Instead, they have proposed shortened seasons on full prorated pay, or regular seasons of around 80 or so games at a pay cut on the prorated amount.

Part of the impetus for the union’s letter comes from the report on Saturday saying that MLB was close to renewing its deal with Turner Sports for an increase in money.

Now it will be up to the owners to decide how long of a season they will have or to come back with a different proposal to the players.

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