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Redskins name change will not be easy

The Washington NFL team retired the name “Redskins” on Monday, but a new name has yet to be announced.
Some have made early guesses on what the team could be called, but trademarking could delay the new name and logo. “Trademark squatters” have registered for some of the possible new nicknames, which could cause roadblocks for the team. Some of the names already snatched up include:
  • References to “Red”: Red Wolves, Redtails, Red-Tailed Hawks
  • References to patriotism: Monuments, Veterans, Freedom Fighters (also Redtails)
  • References to Native Americans: Tribe, Braves, Potomacs
  • And also: War Hogs, Renegades and — can’t make this up — Radskins
An actuary in Alexandria, Martin McCauley, is the leading figure in a story of many potential names already being trademarked across the area. McCauley has spent more than $20,000 on securing the names, hoping to get paid if the team wants to use one of his names.
It’s not as cut and dry as McCauley “owning” these names, as in order to actually have a chance at securing the trademark he must actively sell goods relating to the name. Reportedly he already has made gear.
The team made the decision to review the name after financial pressure came from sponsors. The brief press release today regarding the team name was lacking according to CBS Sports’ David Samson, a longtime MLB executive who says there should be more of a reflection on the value of their voice in the conversation for change.

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